Mario Massi
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Hollywood / ( Rock Alt, F-Vox)

Lyric Credits: Mario Massi
Music Credits: Mario Massi
Producer Credits: Mario Massi
Publisher Credits: Uncle Myro Music
Performance Credits: M.Massi-guitars /P.Kruse -Drums/J.Valendia- Vocals/M.Hallagan-Keys
Short Song Description:
Small town boy trys out for fame and gets it
Long Song Description:
Small town boy trys out for fame and gets it,
tells home town girl friend" I'll be back for you"
but never makes it,she sees him on ET with his crew and new girl,
Thats No way to get news like that.
Story Behind the Song:
Its a true story,I know the girl, I wrote it for her.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Secondary Genre:
Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal:
Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Long-Distance Love
Subject Matter 2:
Breaking Up
Mood 1:
Mood 2:
Similar Artist 1:
Cowboy Junkies
Similar Artist 2:
Natalie Merchant
2000 and later
Hollywood M Massic-2007 umm ascap
Ever since the early days
They all told you you had what it takes
Some day you were gonna go
So far

With your smile and your southern charms
You held me tight in your arms
And whispered in my ear
You?d be back for me

So now you?re gone
And I am all alone
You?re gonna be the biggest thing
That they have ever known
It?s the land of broken dreams
That?s what I?m told
The streets are paved with gold
In Hollywood

Saw you on TV the other day
Didn?t have too much to say
But I can see you got lots of new friends

So when you?re getting what you need
Do you ever think of me
And what you left back here
Do you ever shed a tear