Mario Massi
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Lovin You Is Killin Me -- Sofakat
Got My Dice In A Vice
Blue Monday
Empty Room/Sofakat
Doin Stuff Rednecks Do
String Bender
Satisfied (with Natercia)
Salt And Sugar
Big Hat No Cattle
Just Here For The Whiskey
Ghost Ryder
Younger Me
Looks Like I've Lost It
That Magic Bone ( Smooth Jazz...)
Swept Away
One Night In Negril
What It Takes
Only You That I Need / ( Smooth Jazz )
Magic Bag
Take That
Don't tell me What To Do
Good by For Now
Night Crawler
It Opened My Eyes
Lil Red Rooster
Pour It Out
Where I Come From
OLD CAR -- Sofakat
Sorry Sad Blue
All Night
All We Got
Delete Your Number
Bad Things Happen
You Get A Little Rain
Country Boy
Pocket Knife
Something Comin Over Me
Damned If I Do
Aint Gonna Say I told You So
When We Were Young
Guys Like Us
Hollywood / ( Rock Alt, F-Vox)
I Love Deep
Back In My Babys Arms
Still Got The Blues
The Big Show
What I Need -No Vox
PawnShop Blue / Guitar Blues )
Born To Sing The Blues
Back To The Blues -- Sofakat
I'll Be Gone
Stop This World
What I Need
I'm Fadin Away
It Will Be Alright
I Promiss You
Just Another Day In Paradise
American Boy
You Gotta Be Cool To Begin With
Whe Will There be peace
Fast Food Fool
Dance Like Nobodys Watching
White Lightning
It''s Over
Sleepy Town
Watin Till The Sun Go Down
Good Ta Go
Till Your Satisfied -- Sofakat
What It Is
For My Father -( Latin stylePop w/ele-gt)
Fight Fight Fight
Don't Drive My Truck
From Dawn Till Duck
Dirty Little Secret
You Really Blew It
Save Yourself / ( Hard Rock Alt.)
Here In This Mirror - (FallingOutward)
Real Love
Ready For The Passion
R-U Ready/Lets Go
St. Louie Blue
By By Baby
Stayin In Mexico
Thats When I Love You The Most
So True ( Hip Pop)
Let It Go ( Rock Alt. M-Vox )
Miami Nights ( 80's style Vibe)
Full Throttle / 30 sec. spot
Don't Cry / ( Acoustic guitat Inst.)
When I'm In The Mood For You / ( Smooth Jazz )
It Was Just A Dream / ( Worldly smooth jazz)
Till We Meet Again / ( Smooth Jazz )
Steal Your Girl Friend
AnyThing / ( Alt. Rock )
Forever / ( Rock Alt. )
I Fall Apart / ( Hard Rock)
I Feel So Blind / ( Rock Rap )
Heart So Clean / ( Hard Rock )
Dirty Memories / ( Alt. Rock)
Sick And Tired Of Waiting / ( Rock Alt. w/M-Vox )
Without Your Love / ( Blues Rock )
Sometimes / ( Alt.Rock...w \ m-vox )
Turn To Stone / ( Hard Rock 80's style )
Good Morning / ( instrumental Ac Gt. )
When I Close My Eyes / ( Hard Rock 80's style )
You Lied / (Alt. Rock...w \ m-vox)
Who I Am / Falling Outward
I Ain't No Quitter / Bluesy swing)
Aint No Big Deal ( Smooth Jazz )
Mangy Old Dog / (Rockin Blues )
Since You Left Me Baby / (Chicago Style Blues)
Have A Nice Day / ( Si Fi movie music ! )
I Hate My Job / ( Chicago Style Blues )
So Far Away ( Instrumental -peaceful )
The Little Things
Thats My Baby
Knock Knock / (Reggae\Rock )
I've Got My Memories / Sofakat
Deck The Halls
Rockin Around The Xmass Tree
Empty Room